Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reviewing the Cajun LED Coon Hunting

       The new LED coon hunting light released to the market in late November 2010. We at have sold this LED to a lot of coon hunters through out the country in the last month. 

      The LED has come a long way, in the last few years.  Now these LEDs are much brighter and dimable. Cajun started with a great 5 LED head added a 21 Volt battery. You now have a hunting light that works great as a walking light and on full power this is a great light for spotting a treed coon.  We talked to the folks at Cajun Lights. With their help designed what we think is the perfect coon hunting light at a great price. A long lasting system with every night usage. We at Coon Hunters Supply are very proud of this LED hunting light. We compared our hunting  light to other hunting light on the market today. The performance and value of our lights exceed all of our competition LED hunting lights. Long Battery hours walking/spotting, 2 year Warranty, rugged, brightest,and best in all other areas.

    Cajun have designed the perfect LED coon hunting for the hunters that want a long lasting reliable hunting light with long battery life. The LED lamps sip on the battery and last for at least 25 hours on bright and 50 hours on dim. You can expect over 10,000 hours of battery life or more with this LED light.

     LED hunting lights designed for when you need a bright, dependable light. Built by Cajun Lights  rugged, long lasting, long battery life. Our lights are individually crafted and tested with our customers in mind. They are made in the USA by hunters for hunters We use a 21 volt 5 LED lamp head, bump cap, the same battery and dim control  used on the stringer + w/walking light, including the belt, a red pop cover w/pouch, and 2045 automatic charger. 

  These folks have sent us emails and phone calls about their hunts with Cajun LED lights. I also tested the
light almost every night in the woods. The LED lights are really bright. They can be dimmed or brightened
depending on your needs. The Cajun LED belt light is well balanced and does not interfere with your movements in the woods. The Cajun Light Led package comes with Batteries, belt, controls, walking light, Red pop lens w/ pouch, automatic charger and with a 2 years Warranty.The Cajun LED light is built using the well tested 21volt Stringer + controls W/walking light. The Stringer + is the most used of all the Cajun light setups. This is a package that will be with you for years to come.

    I tested the light package with out a spotlight. We treed a coon about 5 minutes after we turned the dogs loose. I had some problems finding the first coon. Lots of leaves on a very large tree. We turned the hounds loose again. They treed again very quickly. This coon only went up the tree a little ways and hid in a crouch below the leaves. I had always used the standard coon hunting light. You can the yellow eyes and a gray coon with these lights. I soon found that with the LED light. The eyes show up like diamonds in the tree. The coons body is very silver. We were looking for yellow eyes and a gray body. After we found that first coon with the LED lights it very easy to find them in the tree. Sometimes I did use the red lens. I hunted every night for a week and never charged the battery. I did put it charge Sunday morning, but with the auto charger I could just let it charge until I went hunting on Monday.

    I find the new Cajun LED coon hunting light well worth the cost. a rough, tough, stable lighting system and a great warranty.
     LEDs can last tens of thousands of hours if used at rated voltage  

     LEDs are impervious to heat, cold, shock and vibration

  • David sent us an email from Wi:  Gotta tell you its going to take 3 or 4 more very mean men to take this LED light from me Love it Thanks